Your new year gardening resolutions: make a plan, join a community garden, go plastic-free and be mindful

The days are short. It’s cold, grey, and wet. It’s cold, grey and wet. These gardening resolutions will ensure that you end your gardening year with the same enthusiasm and positive impact on the environment as you started it. You need to sow seeds in spring. The magnolias at Kew are at their best in March. Garden centres have the best plants in the beginning of the summer. Planning ahead will ensure you get the most out of each season. No garden? There are more parks and gardens in London than any other major city. There are more parks and gardens in London than any other major city. It is not always so. You can avoid this. Plants are often transported from all parts of the world and wrapped in single-use plastic. You can learn to take cuttings, beg and borrow from your friends, family, and neighbours. If you prefer stealing, then go to a local area with front gardens designed for stealing ideas (not plants). For projects you can do at home, up-cycling food packaging is a good option. For drainage, make sure to leave enough holes at the bottom.
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Take a moment to be mindful. The garden is the ideal place for a digital detox. Be patient. The garden is the perfect place to do your digital detox.