Remote private island for sale: four-acre plot off the west coast of Ireland listed for ?209k

Mannion island is 200 metres from the nearest point of the mainland and 500 metres from a jetty near Durrus village in West Cork. Mannion Island is located 200m from the nearest point on the mainland and 500m from a jetty in West Cork’s Durrus village.
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Although there are no dwellings, structures, or ruins on this plot, it is self-sufficient with wind turbines, generators, wells, and private roads. It is also self-sufficient with generators, wind turbines, wells, and private roads. The Castle Island, a 123-acre uninhabited island, was listed for sale last May for?922,350. It was listed for sale for?922,350 last May, just months after Horse Island sold for EUR1.26 million (EUR1.5million). It was spotted by in 2019. In 2019, it gained global attention. However, due to Covid restrictions, potential buyers have had difficulty traveling over to view the island in person. Email for more information.