Why I live in Tooting: vegan food blogger Elisa Rossi’s area guide to her south-west London neighbourhood

We moved to Tooting eleven years ago. To be honest, I wasn’t enthusiastic about the area. We had lived in Earlsfield for a while and wanted to purchase a property. We were first-time buyers with a small budget and were looking for a house to rent. It has also changed a lot. It was quiet when we first moved here. But, there were many new restaurants and cafes opening and it is much more fun to live there now. It is a friendly place with lots of delicious food and a great price. There are many Indian restaurants in London, and I believe they are some of my favorite. Spice Village offers many great vegan options. Vegan Express is a great vegan restaurant in Tooting that serves hearty dishes such as lasagne. There are many vegan restaurants in Tooting. They also offer hearty dishes like lasagne. Tooting Bec Lido is also available, which is great in the summer. I’m sure you will find what you are looking for. VB & Sons, Mitcham Road has a wide selection of spices. Istanbul Food Gate is my favorite place to get tahini. They have a lot of great spices. It is easy to get around in Tooting by walking. It is so easy to get around in Tooting. You can see them from Tooting. There are so many people living here from different backgrounds and life styles, and they all live peacefully together. You get people who have been here 50 years and younger people who have just moved in.What’s the catchThe street cleaning could be better.In three wordsMulticultural, fun, diverse.SchoolsGatton Primary School, Tooting Primary School, St Anselm’s Catholic Primary School and Hillbrook Primary School are all rated outstanding by Ofsted, while the majority of Tooting’s other primary schools get a good report from the watchdog.Choices for older pupils are trickier. Ofsted also rates Graveney School as an outstanding school and Burntwood School as a good option. Ofsted has rated Burntwood School as a good school and Graveney School is another outstanding option.