Why I live in Queen’s Road Peckham: author Rosa Rankin-Gee on the exciting London area between Peckham and New Cross

Queen’s Road is a great place to be. Although it has its own vibe, you are only 10 minutes away from Peckham and Nunhead, Deptford, New Cross, and Deptford. I was born in London and grew up in Paris. South London felt like a new place to me when I returned. Our flat has been renovated and it is still settling. I love to eat and drink. As a writer, coffee shops are where you spend most of your time. I try to spread my burden. Queen’s Road’s Well & Fed is the closest, and I love going there most. Corner Store is a new restaurant on Peckham Road that’s beautifully designed and very nice. Kudu, a South African chain of mini restaurants, is the local restaurant empire. Their flagship restaurant is located on Queen’s Road. There’s also a bar under the railway arches and a grill. Peckham Cellars is located on Queen’s Road. Adrian Lourie: Tops Caribbean’s sorrel juice is incredible. I could also eat at Pedler Good Fortune every single day if I had to. It’s a relaxed, pan-Asian-fusion restaurant. Crossways is the name of a Crossways builders’ caff that I frequent on Evelina Road. Their plates are twice as big as those at other places. The Good Anchor is a good pub, and Peckham Cellars makes great wine. Telegraph Hill is the best local park. It is one of our most beautiful spots. There’s also a tennis court for free. It’s a steep hill so I have to be careful when I try to run up it. The upper park looks out over London like a grass amphitheatre. It feels expensive but is free. I discovered that I am a Greenwich girl too. It takes only 14 minutes to get there by bus. South London Gallery is beautiful with a great cafe. The Review Bookshop is located on Bellenden Road. Adrian LourieGrocery shopping. Nunhead is the best area close to my house. It makes you feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. There’s even a vermouth shop. There’s even an alcoholic beverage shop. There’s the Pioneer Centre, a modernist glass building. There are also beautiful period homes. I’ve seen the Pioneer Centre, which is a modernist glass building, and there have been times when the windows were open. There has also been a pianist and a cellist playing. It’s a diverse group of skateboarders, ranging in age, gender, and everything. What’s the catch? It’s good to have friends in Tufnell Park. If you look at your Google Maps, and see 12km away, then it’s time to give up. It’s time for them to go. I’ll make new friends here. For boys, the St Thomas the Apostle College is a great secondary option.