Ways to reduce energy bills: Eco-friendly home improvements costing from ?20

Today, Rishi Sunak, Chancellor, announced a?15billion package to help households address the cost of living crisis. The Consumer Prices Index, which is the main measure of inflation, rose to nine percent in April as a result. This was a rise in energy bills that averaged?693 per month. This is a level that has not been seen in 40 years. The Ofgem will raise its energy price cap to?1,971 from?2,800 in Oct. This will cause energy bills to rise by another?800 for millions more British households. The new Government support package will replace the previously announced rebate on energy bills. This rebate would have cut bills by?200 in October, but then was repaid over five year. The new support package will double that amount to?400, which households won’t have to repay. Additional support measures are available for the most vulnerable households in the country. Despite the doubled support for all UK households, energy bills are expected to rise by a staggering 119% in the year to Oct 2022. This is an average increase of?1,493. Even with the doubling of support for all UK households, energy bills will have risen by a staggering 119 per cent in the year to October 2022 – an average increase of?1,493. The Chancellor announced in March that the VAT on energy-efficient materials such as insulation, heat pumps, and solar panels will be reduced from 5% to 0%. The initial cost of solar panels is between?4,000 to?8,000, but the incentives to install them include lower electricity bills and a lower carbon footprint. You can also make your own glue-sawdust filler. A 50-piece pack costs around?30. Window seal replacement. Window seals are often overlooked in favor of larger projects. They can expand and contract with temperature changes, so it’s important to inspect and replace them every five to ten years. Mike Fairman, tradespeople directory Checkatrade, says that materials are relatively inexpensive and cost between?5 and?10 per window for a good quality silicone sealant. “For labour, you can expect to spend between?20 and?70 per window. “You can expect to pay between?20 and?70 per window for labour. People are also more likely to adjust their thermostats to a degree or less via an app than manually. Fairman says that the cost of a smart thermostat can vary depending on which model you choose. You should also consider the cost of installing a smart thermostat. This is usually between?30 and?80, depending on how much labor an electrician will need to install it. “Have your boiler serviced. The more efficient your boiler, the less energy it will use. An inspection of your boiler’s efficiency is a good idea. However, upgrading your boiler can be costly. It could cost you anywhere from?500 to?13,000 for a basic model or?500 for a more advanced one. Additional installation costs will apply. Fairman states that an annual boiler service fee can be in the form of either a one-off fee for a 30-minute service, or an annual insurance charge. “Boiler and central heating coverage costs range from?180 to?300 on average, but it will cover you for any breakdowns. While a one-time fee may seem cheaper, the annual coverage will provide you with complete peace of mind. “READ MORESpring Statement 2022: Rishi Sonak abolishes VAT for energy-saving materials for homeownersRishi sunak announces a?15billion reduction in bills. Fairman says that loft insulation is a mandatory building regulation for extensions and loft conversions. For a detached house, the average cost of blanket loft insulation, including labour, is?600. Blanket insulation is the most affordable per m2 (5), followed closely by loose fill insulation (7.50), sheet insulation, and spray foam insulation (55). Swap showerheadsThe average cost of roof insulation labour is?175. They have more holes so they produce a mist-like spray effect, rather than wasting litres of water. Amane’s model promises to double the shower power and save up to 35% on water used for an eight-minute shower. It is priced at?115. Pipe insulation Although some pipes are difficult to reach, professional help should be available to complete the job in a matter of hours. The cost of insulation should start at?20. Fairman says that properly insulating pipes around your house can be difficult. “The right type of lagging and the right size are crucial for each pipe to ensure it is 100 percent effective.” “Make smart paint choicesWhile ecofriendly paint won’t reduce your energy bills, it is an easy and impactful interiors upgrade that won’t cost you a lot. Avoid paints containing Volatile Organic Compounds, as they can cause asthma, nausea, and other allergic reactions. Look for limewash, clay or plant-based paints. High levels of VOCs can trigger asthma, nausea, and other allergic reactions. The tin and exterior packaging are recyclable and have very low VOC levels. HoH purchases and protects 35 square meters of forest for every tin sold. However, it is a very expensive option, starting at?65 per 2.5-litre tin. You can also choose Frenchic Paint, Lakeland Paints and Victory Colours for a more affordable option.