Where to buy outside London in 2022: the commuter areas seeing a new year surge in homes for sale

The average asking price has increased by 13% to?342,265. The average asking price has increased 13% to?342,265. Chris Druce from Knight Frank says that there were times when the shelves were empty. “There were times when the shelves were pretty empty,” says Chris Druce of Knight Frank. “The market has picked up after the festive period, and it’s encouraging to see more properties come on the market for sale. Rightmove’s Tim Bannister says that more listings and more requests from potential sellers to estate agents for valuations of their homes indicate that we are moving towards a more balanced marketplace in 2022.
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Top commuter towns in 2022: From Hampshire and Surrey to Kent, Essex.
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Small towns and coastal locations dominate the top 10 supply hotspots. This is because sellers realize the demand for their homes and the new value they can bring to them. “The country market has had its moment in the sun but as amenities and hospitality fully reopen towns come back into focus as they also offer more green space than cities,” he explains.Bexhill-on-Sea is an historic town where coast and culture meet and the hometown of Eddie Izzard.It’s quieter and less well-known than Camber Sands, the arts and community centre De La Warr Pavillion hosts comedy night, exhibitions, live bands and the Bexhill Choral Society perform there too. The first floor has a terrace that overlooks the sea. There is also a restaurant. The train from Bexhill-on-Sea to Brighton takes 58 minutes.