Unmodernised ‘modest’ mansion for sale on north London street where neighbouring homes are valued at ?50m

The modest mansion is being sold despite its trophy neighbours, which can fetch up to?50 million. Marc Schneiderman, of Arlington Residential, is marketing the property. He says that it’s a modest house in today’s world on a large plot.
/ ArlingtonResidential”It’s one of the last remaining undeveloped houses of its original size from when it was built, it’s a nice opportunity for someone. Winnington Road is home to many ‘ambassadorial homes’, which are the homes of ambassadors. “The property has been in the same family for the last 63 years and boasts many of its original, vintage interiors. The house was also featured in The Enfield Haunting (2015) on Sky. The planning consent from Barnet council will allow the sale of the house to transform it from a 2,500sq.ft house with large gardens into a 13,000sq.ft superhome worth approximately?15 million. It would be in line with its neighbors, Schneiderman estimates that they are five to six times as large. Schneiderman estimates that the average London home is 705sq feet. It is currently on the market for?5.75million. The house was brand new in 1959 and cost?2,500. The house would be worth?12.1billion if it experienced a similar price rise by 2084. Simon Henderson, Chief Executive of Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust, says that “not that working class people could afford it.” “After WWI, the houses got bigger as new, wealthier residents moved in. “At the east end of the Suburb was Winnington Road. The street’s bottom was built in the Thirties, while the top, where the current home is, was built in the Fifties.
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Henderson claims that the Suburb was originally intended to have the largest houses in the area, with the Heath Extension at the leafier end and backing on to Bishops Avenue. This is where the famous Hampstead Garden Suburb residents Richard, Judy, and Jonathan Ross live, while Harry Styles has three houses nearby. There was a Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jerry Springer who were both born there.