Unique imitation oast house listed for sale near Whitstable for ?895,000

A Whitstable-based oast-style family house in Whitstable, Kent is up for sale at?895,000. “In Kent, the traditional oasts have become iconic buildings and many of them are being converted into homes,” says Ian Chappell (a Senior Valuer at Woodward & Bishopp). “In our neck-of-the-woods, there weren’t any original ones. If you love this style of building and want to live on the coast in Whitstable, you will need to travel outside of town. “Oast homes are buildings that dry fresh hops to make beer. They have been around since the 1500s. Construction began in Kent in the mid-1800s. Kent was the first country in the UK to grow hops. There were approximately 5,000 oast homes built in the UK, including a number in Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Godwin Oast is a white-panelled, thatch-roofed oast from Cranbrook, Kent. It dates back to 1580. The Grade II listed building is used as a bed & breakfast. A cowl would be located on top of Minstrels Oast. This is a type of chimney that would allow hot air to flow up through the kiln creating a vacuum. There would also be a stowage – a section of a barn where the hops could be cooled and packed. Minstrels Oast was never used as an oasthouse, but it still has the distinctive kiln and stowage buildings, outhouses, and surrounding land. The roundel can be used to create a few rooms when oast homes are converted. You will then find an open-plan barn-style conversion. This has recreated all that, with a minstrels’ gallery (hence Minstrels Oast – vaulted ceiling — all the bits we love about an Oast House, but without the problems that a lot oast homes will have,” Chappell says. She lists dry rot, woodworm, poor insulation, and shallow foundations among the common problems with the original buildings. Chappell says that it’s giving people the same lifestyle, but not the aggravation, of an oasthouse. It is surrounded by two thirds of an acre of land. It is surrounded on two-thirds of an acre by land.READ MORETop Kent areas for commuters: Top areas for London buyers planning to move post-pandemic. A converted stable in Stoke Newington with top floor extension the width of a Tube carriage is available for sale for?975k Chappell says, “It’s definitely a house for families.” He says that it is a family house because of its large workshop space. Chappell states that “so many things we buy today are mass-produced – even lots of houses…We’re getting more people who have the ability to search for something a little bit different.” They don’t want the same things as everyone else. He adds, “It’s a lifestyle change and this is a little lifestyle purchase.”