Leaving London: how one family swapped a Plumstead house for one four times bigger on the Isle of Wight

Fiona Ellis grew up on the Isle of Wight. She left school at 18 to pursue a career in London. But her life as an 18-year old had begun to fall apart by the time she became a mother of three. Two years ago, Fiona, Robin Murray and their two children left Plumstead to escape the pandemic. Robin was also commuting three hours per day to his job in west London as a cabinetmaker. The couple moved to the island six months ago, when they found it impossible to house hunt on the island. Fiona said that while it was three years ago, there is now nothing to rent on the island as so many people are moving over. They initially wanted something remote, but they fell in love with a semi-detached three-bedroom house near the centre of Ryde. Fiona said that the house has sea views, is four times larger than our old house, and the garden is 20 times as big. It is incredible. It was also a remarkable price at?307,000. Robin has a job on the Island. His commute now takes him only ten minutes. The family spends their time on the island or at the beach when they are not working. Fiona said, “I can literally leave my house and be on the coast or the countryside in just a few minutes.” It’s like going on holiday in summer, especially. Since Fiona’s last visit, the Isle of Wight has seen a lot of changes. The influx of people fleeing pandemic-hit areas is bringing about a rapid modernization of a place once known for its relaxed vibe. Fiona said, “There are many new ventures opening up. There are also lots of restaurants and lots of people.” It is an exciting time. I started my own business as a what’s-on guide for families. There is a lot happening.