Style or sacrilege? The weird and wonderful ways Instagrammers display their books at home

Do you need some shelf space? While reading is encouraged, it’s not a bad hobby. However, e-reading is a hobby that requires a lot of storage. There are many Billy bookcase lovers, but Instagram has a wide range of book display options. In no time, you’ll be creating your own #bookstagram. 1. Create a book nook | @myenglishcountrycottageMaybe it’s the incessant inclement weather or a craving to disconnect, but cosy reading spaces are big news on Instagram right now. It helps if you have a charming country cottage and an impressive collection of books like this. Pinterest searches for “tiny library room” are also popular. This means that most of us will have a small reading area under the stairs (or something similar). It’s a dreamer’s pursuit, so imagine reading. This post is on Instagram2. Backwards books | @thistle.harvestGot an embarrassing book collection? Do you like playing “random book roulette” when you reach for a book? Maybe you are so committed to a cohesive, neutral palette that bright spines are not an option. You can face your books backwards, which has been the subject of heated design debates. This post is on Instagram3. Out with the unreads | @allthebookpagesFollowing on from the above, there’s more method to this madness, but it does create carnage on the shelves. It’s simple: Store all your unread books backwards and only your read books facing out. This is one way to keep track of your ‘to read’ list. However, the chaos that results could lead you to the Kindle dark side. This post is on Instagram4. @theplyhouseIt can look creative and considered, but who has time to colour code their book collection? Dear reader, Instagram is almost all about you. Although it’s difficult to accept that some genres are mixed up and authors are not listed alphabetically (gasp), the end result can be joyful and help you designate a library corner. Holly, the owner of The Ply House in North Devon has created a bookish sanctuary in her open-plan kitchen diner. This post is on Instagram5. No shelves? @theslowtravelerIf you’ve got a look of books but nowhere near enough shelves, stack ’em up high, bohemian style (with or without the spines on show, it’s that recurring question again…). You’ll get extra Insta points if you can add a statement mirror, a handmade bed, a roaring fireplace, and a sleeping dog to your snap, a la digital creator The Slow Traveler. When you reach for the top of the pile, be ready to play IRL Jenga. This post is on Instagram6. Repurpose a fireplace| @luciawrenstudioFireplaces are good for more than lighting fires – they can make fabulous mini libraries, as seen in this charming nursery. For small spaces, simply add a shelf to your fireplace or stack your books inside to create an imaginative feature. This post is on Instagram7. @dashapears.artThe one involves ripping up the rule book, literally and will horrify most true bibliophiles. For #bookstagram’s peak, you can just tear out all the pages. No one can judge your current book if it doesn’t have an “Instagrammable cover”. By sticking book leaves on your walls, you are giving them something to judge. But, it’s not your home, your rules. This post is on Instagram