Sadiq Khan calls for rent control in London as renters set to be hit by ‘devastating’ cost of living rise

Sadiq Khan reiterated his call for private rent control in London to help tenants cope the ‘rocketing cost of living’. Too often, landlords and the government ignore the needs of private renters. Rising fuel and energy costs, which will impact renters in energy-inefficient homes the most, are already causing anxiety. There is also a big increase in the energy price cap due next week. He said that stopping rent increases would “give people a chance get back on their feet following the pandemic. According to Rightmove figures, London rents are already at an all-time high, reaching a record GBP2,142 per monthly in January. Housing campaigners welcomed the move as a way to protect renters from rising rents. According to Rightmove figures, the capital has 29 percent of all homes in Britain. Housing campaigners welcomed the move as a way to protect renters from rising rents.READ MORELondon’s housing shortage will lead to a ‘crippling increase in costs’ for those without thousands of new homes.Sadiq Khan: I’ll name landlords and shame them to make renters better deals. Generation Rent director, Alicia Kennedy, stated that “With the cost-of-living spiralling out of control, it is clear that renters require more protections against unaffordable rental increases. “Landlords can effectively evict tenants by making their homes too expensive for them to afford. The mayor must have the power to intervene on behalf of London’s many renters. “Critics of rent controls argue that while it can be beneficial for tenants in areas with rapidly rising rents it can also lead the to a shortage of supply if landlords choose not to rent out their properties. In an attempt to curb skyrocketing rents, Berlin, Germany, frozen rents at mid-2019 for five years. The regulation was short-lived and was overturned by a top court.