Projekt Mkt: Vintage posters and prints for sale from ?10 to ?1,000-plus at Peckham poster market

Project Mkt is a collection of original mid-century posters by ten independent dealers. They will be on display at The Copeland Gallery in Peckham, from February 4-6. Some rare collector’s pieces can be purchased for over?1,000. Williams says that Mkt is committed to making posters affordable for everyone. They were, in many ways, the original street art. “READ MORE
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This British/Polish duo can’t beat the soulful beauty of vintage posters. Williams is drawn to the emotional connection their design creates. This captivating art form is not only beautiful, but also has many other appeals. She says that you might find a poster featuring your favorite film or band or a place that is special to you. They are a great value, as they can be purchased for the same price that a digitally produced print and you can own a piece of design history. Williams believes vintage posters would be fine art today because they are original lithographs printed on high-quality matte paper. They will add character and value to your home. Williams says, “If you are looking for iconic titles or designs from highly-respected artists that are in great condition, then this is the place to look.” We encourage people to follow their hearts more than anything. A vintage poster should bring joy and happiness to your walls and life. Cool WallsDogtown and Z Boys poster -?595, Cool Walls
/ Cool Walls. Film, music, and skate enthusiasts should make a beeline to Adam Kaleta (a Bafta-winning TV director) or Christian Stevenson (aka DJ BBQ), as they offer a fun, accessible range ‘cool stuff’. Nick Reed Film Posters. If you are a true hippie, embrace the Swinging Sixties. The passionate film buff was trained as a graphic artist and worked as an illustrator and cartoonist in the 1980s. He says that great graphics and typography are essential. Therefore, he names all the illustrators, designers and photographers involved in each poster. “I’ve been focusing on psychedelic posters of the late 1960s or early 1970s. I have a lot of great music-related stuff from the US and here. Annie Sparks runs this quirky store called Chaleureuse. It sells vintage French graphics, including advertising, educational posters, and ephemera. The joyous illustrated French safety and health posters are our highlight. They can be used in factories. He says that there was still an innocence back then. The poster was not copied and sold as an object; it was simply a way to communicate what was being shown and where. He prefers posters that have “lived a lifetime”, with evidence of Sellotape, drawing Pin holes, and the odd coffee stain. I like the idea of posters being borrowed, borrowed, or stolen by someone who admires the work of the artist but cannot afford it. I prefer to do minimal work, preserving the poster and framing it to show it off, warts included. “Jerome MonahanThis charming poster collector from the mid-century could talk all day about Soviet-era posters. He says, “Alongside Russian posters, I also have Czech, Hungarian Yugoslav, Polish and US posters from the same period.” “But it’s the posters from the post-Stalinist Khrushchev Years (1953-1964), that I find most beautiful, and the most compelling. “Travel on PaperKaren Lansdown is a collector of vintage travel posters for more than two decades. She has a large collection of mid-century railway, coach, Olympic, and sailing posters. The prices are affordable for new collectors but there are also some specialty jewels. Robin and Rachel Yacoubian have curated a finely curated, design-led edit of classics that combines their obsession with the silver screen and Rachel’s passion for interiors. Project Mkt is a finely curated, design-led collection of classics that Robin’s obsession with silver screen has combined with Rachel’s love for interiors. It will be held at The Copeland Gallery, Peckham, from 3-8pm Friday through Saturday, and from 11-5 on Sunday. Tickets are available at Eventbrite and at the door for?1.