Gwyneth Paltrow’s Montecito dream home tour: ‘I cannot believe that this is our house and we live here’

Gwyneth Paltrow, a Hollywood star and founder of Goop, has opened the doors of the Montecito mansion that she calls home. Paltrow said that she couldn’t believe that this was her house and that she lives there. She gave Architectural Digest a 12-minute video tour that showed the interiors of the Montecito mansion. Paltrow sent Adelman drawings of the main living space and gave her permission to do what she wanted. The result is a stunning ceiling lighting installation featuring handblown glass globes attached to jewellery-like chains. It’s not dissimilar from the bangles Paltrow wears here. The chandelier is now part of the artist’s Paradise Collection and costs $45,500 (or?33,560). It’s one Paltrow has used in her homes, although she lost the original in a fire. Paltrow said, “I use it every day, and whenever I get in here, I’m like pinch me.” It’s so much fun. Robin Standefer, Roman and Williams’ Roman and Williams’ representative, said that it’s “like an ancient bathhouse unintentionally covered in these beautiful pale-geen tile with an Arts and Crafts feel.” “We love exploring the tension and voltage between things we don’t usually see together. “Paltrow first visited the property in Montecito, California in 2015. “Paltrow first saw the property in Montecito, California, in 2015. The couple, Portia de Rossi and DeGeneres, are believed to have completed a complete renovation of the property. They stand to make a profit close to $2 million if it sells. Winfrey paid $50 million (or?36.7 million) to purchase the home 20 years ago.