Not just for nurseries: make a statement with these mid-century style mobiles

Sometimes, a room needs something unexpected and dynamic to make it feel more spacious. If you have art on the walls, objet-d’art on the shelves, and rugs on floor, but nothing is missing, why not decorate the space between them? This is much more simple and creative than we are making it sound. Mobiles are what we’re referring to. Get inspired by Alexander Calder’s mobile art and invest in some mid-century mobile art. Mobiles are not just for nurseries. They can add a stylish touch to any space, adding movement and interest. Large-scale designs look great in rooms with high ceilings and spaces above staircases. If you don’t have the space to hang one from the ceiling or you prefer not to add a hook, you can decorate your desk with a shelf-standing mobile by Spanish design house Volta. Mobiles can be used as sideboard accessories or hanging from ceilings. VoltaThey make some of the most striking Calder-esque designs around in striking colour combinations. Trouva has this one for GBP140, and The Conran Shop has a great selection. This simple, all-black design is inspired by musical scales. It can be suspended over a table or placed above a deep window seat. This is a great entry-level mobile, priced at GBP48.90 by Trouva. Symphony in 3 Movements, which costs GBP48.90, is a perfect mobile / Flensted mobiles. How much fun can you have with GBP18 and a museum gift shop and ceiling hook? If this wooden mobile with facial features in the shape of a playful mobile is any indication, it can be a lot. Take one with you to the Royal Academy. This mobile would look great in a child’s bedroom or in your home office corner. This investment piece is priced at GBP2,303 on 1stDibs.Or. Made from black and metallic clays this mid-century mobile will brighten any dull corner as it catches the light. It costs GBP175, and is one of a variety of handmade designs by Floating Art Mobiles. If you’re based in London, the brand has shops in Marylebone and King’s Cross, so don’t be misled by the online price (EUR65) being displayed in Euros.READ MOREFive-a-day inspired homewares: fruit and veg motifs on plates, bowls and accessoriesPositively Positano: Homeware buys inspired by Amalfi Coast holidays — from Le Sirenuse plates to Roman column placematsMade in London: eight homeware brands selling everything from ceramics to chairsIf you’ve never visited Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge and you appreciate great design, then you must! You can easily travel to Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge by train. Take a day trip and pick up this striking red-and-black mobile memento from their gift shop. It’s only GBP41.50.