London’s oldest home with asking rent of GBP2,200 let within a week

Just over a week after being listed, a home in a medieval home was rented out to a tenant. The 600-year-old timber-framed home can be found in Walthamstow Village, near the popular Orford Road. After the previous tenant, who lived there for many decades, decided to purchase their own property, the house was put up for rent at GBP2,200 per monthly. Estate East agent said that everyone who viewed the property fell in love with it. “Six offers were made, but the landlord settled on a lovely young couple.” “Six offers were made on the property, but the landlord chose a young couple.” The Grade II* listed house, also known as a hallhouse because it was built around a central hall originally, was restored in 1934, and again in the early Noughties. Ancient House has remained standing due to its weatherboarding, an 18th-century process that saw boards laid over each other to protect the structure from the elements. Estate East reports that the new tenants can expect to be spotted by tourists trying to take pictures of the unique property. Estate East reports that there are many people outside taking photos, and even a Tudor Tour bus stops by occasionally. Rustic Kitchen, London’s oldest house / Estate EastAnother Tudor home that claims to be the oldest in London is 41-42 Cloth Fair, Farringdon. It was built between 1597-1614, which was a long time after Ancient House. It is the only home in London to have survived the Great Fire of London (1666). Because of its village atmosphere and strong transport links, Walthamstow village has seen an increase in young couples moving to it. Regular community events are also held in the town. Orford Road in Walthamstow Village / Daniel Lynch “I don’t think you could price this property. It’s uniqueness aside, it’s located in the heart Walthamstow Village. Estate East said that although “unique property” and “village location” are terms too often used by estate agents, this property is the best example of a home worthy of such a description.