London Festival of Architecture 2022: how the event creates a blueprint for future urban development

Today marks the beginning of the London Festival of Architecture 2022. This month-long series of events, talks and workshops will celebrate and interrogate the capital’s built environment. Act! Get involved! You don’t have to sit back and complain about the changes in the world. It’s also a place to test new ideas and some might be adopted permanently.

The festival will look at ways architects should act in the face of the climate emergency, social injustice, and the needs of a changing society.

The pedestrianized Exhibition Road with Foster and Partners Pavilion / LFAThe Scandi-style shared space for pedestrians and cars in South Kensington. I remember being quite surprised when I first came out of the Tube above ground, having always previously accessed the museums via the old foot tunnel to avoid the congested, polluted and coach-lined Exhibition Road.The current, pedestrian-friendly streetscape was helped through public consultation by an event at the LFA in 2008, which closed the road to traffic for the first time to make way for a weekend of pop-up installations, food stalls and performances. Efficient, smart bike parking solutions are another LFA speciality. LFAThis year was open to all ideas for Pop-Up Bike Parking to provide safe and simple bike storage at stations.

The historic Camden neighbourhood is under the shadow of Euston Station. Zoe Power and architect Iain Jamieson have created Over Here, a multicoloured bike rack that allows for easy, safe bike storage at stations. The historic Camden neighbourhood is in the shadow of Euston Station and is about to undergo a major transformation due to HS2 construction and British Library Extension. This month is the perfect opportunity to learn more about shaping the future of architecture or to simply get a glimpse at the future.