Inside historic London mansions and stately homes: ornate interiors and striking architecture on show across the capital

Nothing is more relaxing than a weekend at a stately residence. You can stroll around grand, beautiful homes and admire their exquisite furnishings while gazing out on the manicured grounds. You might imagine what it would be like living there. These are the top historical homes in London that are open on bank holidays weekend. West London: Chiswick House & GardensBurlington Lane Chiswick, London W4-2RPChiswick House was an architectural bold experiment when it was constructed between 1725-1738. Richard Boyle, third Earl of Burlington, inherited it. He had just returned from a Grand Tour of France, Italy, with a collection of trunks full of paintings and instruments. He wanted somewhere to display his collection and entertain his friends. It was a departure from the extravagant, Baroque design that was popular in England at the same time and influenced other buildings in Europe. The Blue Velvet Room, Red Velvet Room, and the Garden are open from 10.00 to 16.00 on Thursday through Sunday. Adults ?11; children half price. Book online. East London: Eastbury Manor HouseEastbury square, Barking, IG11-9SNEastbury Manor House is one of the few gentry houses left from Elizabethan times. It almost didn’t make the cut. The property was saved from demolition by campaigning in 1910s. The Buttery, where butts, barrels, and other items were stored, has been transformed into a living area. The Great Hall, which originally measured 40m long, has been divided – although its magnificent fireplace still stands. There are two tranquil gardens, one on the west and one on the east. You’ll find rosemary, lemon balm, marigold and mint in the herb garden, while the walled garden, trapping the heat, enjoys a warmer microclimate.Eastbury Manor House is open on Sundays, 10.00 to 16.00. Adults pay?7, families pay?16.50. All Barking and Dagenham residents are eligible for free admission. Book online. The characterful attic at Eastbury Manor in east London. Damian Griffiths, 2021West London. Osterley Park and HouseJersey Road. Isleworth, Middlesex. TW7 4RB. Osterley House is located at the far end on the Piccadilly line in west London. It stands in the middle more than 350 acres parkland. It feels like it’s far away, thanks to its grazing Charolais cows and rolling meadows. Visit the Tapestry Room where guests would have been entertained and the State Bedchamber with its eight-poster bed. Robert Child, the former owner of the building, apparently ripped up the bill to hide the cost. Outside, there are lakes, meadows and formal gardens that can be explored on foot or by bicycle (available for hire). Picnics are encouraged. The popular second-hand bookstore at Osterley House sells plants grown on the property. The house is open Wednesday through Sunday, 11.00-15.30. Adults ?14.50; children ?7.20. Book online. North London: Forty Hall Estate, Enfield, EN2-9HA. Built in 1632 by Sir Nicholas Rainton, the former Lord Mayor, Forty Hall Estate is located in Forty Hill, Enfield. It is now a museum that focuses on multi-period features. For example, the Great Hall contains a recreation Rainton’s elaborate fireplace. The walls are painted to resemble walnut, marble, and tortoiseshell. Upstairs you will find stained glass windows made during a 1896 renovation. The Withdrawing Chamber, which was used as a breakfast area in the 1800s is also on display. The park is open from 8.30-21.30 June to all. Entry is free. You can find more information here. South-east London: Beckenham Place Mansion. Beckenham Place Park, Beckenham. It was restored by National Lottery Funding. In 2016, Copeland, who is also responsible for Bussey Building in Peckham and Copeland Park in South-east London, took over the management of Beckenham Place Mansion. There will be an artisan craft festival, vintage market, and open studios this weekend. It is free to visit the house and take a dip in Beckenham Place Park’s swimming pool, which opened in 2019. Prices vary. More information is here. East London: Sutton House2 & 4 Homerton High Street Hackney, London E9 6JQA. At almost 500 years old, Sutton House, Hackney’s oldest house, is almost 500 years. It was originally built in 1535 to be Sir Ralph Sadleir’s home. However, it has been through many incarnations. It has been used as a Victorian school, a church institution during the First World War and a Trades Union office in 1960s and 1970s. It was converted into a community garden in 2011. It was transformed into a community garden in 2011. Hackney residents get half off Book online.