Living in Primrose Hill: Sadie Frost on why she returned to the north London village where she was brought up

Primrose Hill was my first home after I was born. Primrose Hill was where I spent my first sixties years. Because we didn’t have a yard, we had our birthday parties and other events on the hill. It has always been a special spot for me. Although it has changed, it still retains its charm due to its isolation and the lack of roads that lead to it. Primrose Hill is home to more people now, but it’s still my home. Sam’s Cafe / Adrian LourieI love the simplicity and calm of Sam’s Cafe. They have the best breakfasts, and I can work there. We go to Lemonia as a family for dinner. It’s been a tradition for me for at least 30 years. The artichokes and broad beans are great. Greenberry is great for smoothies, and I take my niece to Exhale Pilates for pancakes. I’ve been going there for seven years. They offer classes every day from 7am to 7pm, so it’s easy to find something. I also take trapeze lessons at Circus Glory twice a week. There’s also a great ballet class at the church. It’s like going back in time to the Eighties. Primrose Hill feels like time has stopped at some locations, which is a pleasant feeling. We are fortunate that we still have a library. Chalk Farm Library was closed by the government in 2012. However, the community reopened it one month later. Now it is run by volunteers. They host film screenings and children’s events. Soulstice is a crystal spot. The owner is great at helping you with positive intentions and letting your know when the full moon is. Primrose Hill Shopping: Press is a great clothing shop that features the most vibrant and unique independent fashion designers. Spice is a shoe shop. I could stay in Primrose hill all day. I’ll take the dog out for a walk at 6:30. It’s open and has everything. It’s open so I can write a letter and buy all my health stuff. It’s a one-stop shop.Adrian LouriePublic transportI travel a lot in London and taxis are expensive and take so much longer. The Tube is a great way to escape emails and phone calls. The Northern line’s Chalk Farm is just a short walk away. I haven’t yet made it, but I would love to.Adrian Lourie Authentic. Artistic.Sadie Frost’s yoga wear, Frost Body, is available at and in Primrose HillIf you’re raising a budding politician then Primrose Hill School is the ideal training ground. Past pupils include Boris Johnson, Labour’s Ed Miliband, and David Miliband, as well as Bond director Sam Mendes, and Zoe Heller, author. Oftsed has rated it outstanding. Oftsed has rated it outstanding.