Comment: it’s not fair to blame Dr Alex for the housing issues arising from holiday lets

Poor Dr Alex George. After spending summer 2018 as Public Enemy No. He was ranked as the No. 1 Public Enemy (at least in my Love Island-watching circle). He managed a pandemic pivot into a vaccine myth-busting NHS frontline heroic. The rehabilitation was short. Dr Alex started a heated debate about holiday homes after posting about his purchase of four cottages in Pembrokeshire. He promised to document his “renovation journey”, and he did. Dr Alex posted about his plans to buy four cottages in Pembrokeshire and promised to document his “renovation journey” on an Instagram account. The former Love Island contestant will make a fortune from his holiday rentals. He will also be able to legally rent out properties that he owns to people who need them. Londoners living in trendy areas should be ready for the arrival of the Airbnb guests. While the owners of country cottages and flats in the city centre may be a focal point for local fury it is a distraction from the actual problem. Although it is unlikely that this will be popular in beauty spots, new home building and investment into social housing would make homes more affordable. Local governments are also trying to shift the balance so short-term rentals are no longer more profitable or less hassle than long term rentals. This is done via taxation and planning rules. While Love Island may be to blame for many social ills including the holiday home conundrum, it is not the only one.