Leaving London: ‘We swapped a GBP400k flat in Walthamstow for a GBP240k house in Harrogate to live mortgage free’

Gillian and Mark Harrison didn’t leave London to escape their love of the capital. With a new baby in tow, they decided to leave the city to avoid getting there. Mark, a photographer, said that he had lived in Walthamstow and Leyton for 12 years and was happy there. “But the hustle and intensity was getting too much, and we didn’t want to reach the point where London became too overwhelming. So we pre-empted it. “London’s sky-high prices were another factor. After Milo was born, the couple lived in a Walthamstow two-bedroom apartment. However, it felt cramped. They were unable to upsize locally so they sold their flat in Walthamstow in 2016. In 2016, they sold their flat and purchased a compromise three-bedroom detached Harrogate house for GBP240,000. They sold their flat in 2016 for GBP405,000 and bought a compromise three-bedroom detached house in Harrogate for GBP240,000. They spend a lot of their time exploring the beautiful Yorkshire countryside with Mishka, their rescue dog. Mark and Milo have made many new friends and are now mortgage-free. Mark said that he thinks if you lived there your entire life, you would find it a culture shock. It is slower and more relaxed. It doesn’t have the 24-hour London culture, but you can still go out to Brick Lane for a bagel at any hour of the day. There are decent restaurants and shops, and there is a little buzz.