Get your caffeine fix: From espresso pots to scoops, the best kitchenware gadgets for coffee fans

I am the coffee snob everyone hates. I love to know all about the flavor profile of the beans. I also care about the ratio of beans to water. I have the specialist scales to prove this. My kitchen is almost entirely dedicated coffee-making gadgets. This one is for fellow coffee lovers. I see you, and I understand your refusal to drink granulated rubbish. We all deserve better than this. There are a few accessories and gadgets that will make your morning cup even more satisfying. The Moccamaster is a great espresso maker. It has a blue resin handle and top. This versatile coffee maker comes in a variety of colours to match your kitchen. It also makes a whole jug, which is handy if you don’t have enough. Blaknektar currently offers them for GBP197. They are currently on sale at Blaknektar for GBP197. There are cheaper trays available (it costs GBP103.50 plus taxes), but this tray is an iconic Danish design and is worth every penny. The classic Hario design is made in Japan. It looks even more elegant in copper with a wood top. It retails for GBP155 at HR Higgins, a coffee specialist. We are grateful that you don’t think so. You need a wheel-thrown, marbled mug that will hold your handcrafted cup of black chocolate. You can get yours at Glassette’s homeware marketplace for just GBP40. Stick Ceramics makes it in London. A walnut scoop costs GBP27 at Glassette / Glassette. The handmade scoop tells you how much ground coffee to make the perfect cup. It’s here! It’s available for purchase at Glassette for GBP27 and is skillfully made from British walnut. These little details are what make coffee-making almost as enjoyable as the drinking. This stainless steel double-walled thermal cup comes in a stylish rattan jacket and will look great on your kitchen shelves or table. Origin is one of the best coffee roasters in London. It’s also a great gift idea because it’s so affordable. You can grab a cup at their Shoreditch shop, or buy a bag of their beans. (Aqi Badu link is GBP16.50, but they start at GBP9.20). If you like what you’re tasting, you can subscribe online to receive a regular bean-drop delivered right to your home. You won’t need to run out of coffee again with their excellent coffee delivery. Phew!