How to hack the London rental market: top tips from the editor of Homes & Property

As expected, the window of opportunity for London renters was small. The window of opportunity for London renters was narrow, with rents hitting a record high in January. Although there isn’t much you can do to stop a rising rental market, the following hacks might help. Sometimes friends of friends will offer a room to rent or they may be able to find the next tenant for their landlord if they are moving out. If you don’t go through the official channels, scammers and exploitation can make it difficult to find great places on the East Dulwich Forum. I know of people who have found great places on East Dulwich Forum, just to name one. South Londoners will be chasing me for sharing the secret. Renters have flexibility as one of their main advantages. You should try to move outside peak months. This is usually based around the academic calendar, which generally begins in September and ends in June. I had a series that began in November, which is when there is less competition. If you are able to deal with the chaos of the housing market, such as dark viewings and cold viewings, and the uncertainty of not having settled by Christmas, you can have a more relaxed search. Look for homes that have been vacated by tenants if you want to get a lower price. Even a month without rental income can be costly. A price reduction of 10% or more is often more profitable than an empty rental. It is best to ask politely. You could also offer sweeteners like decorating your home, paying a certain amount of rent up front, or signing a longer lease in exchange for a lower monthly rent. While this might not work for every landlord, many landlords want a reliable tenant who will stay with them for the long-term. You should make them believe this is you.
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If you feel that a property is not in its best condition, but it looks good otherwise, you can make it a condition to your offer. This will allow you to make your main selling point. Ex-council homes can be a great rental option for people who are nervous about living there. They often have excellent storage and large rooms. You can often find a larger home in a better area than you could afford by letting agents. Or they will hound and ignore you. You can trust the hounders to be your friend. For a few weeks, you will have to put up with the constant phone calls and suggestions for properties outside of your preferred area and budget. This persistence often pays off in the long-term.