Colouful blankets, throws and quilts to give your sofa or bed a cosy interiors update

A throw blanket is like buying a fabulous hat. It transforms your entire outfit. Arket offers a reversible blanket for?69.
HandoutThrow blankets or quilts are warm. But they can also add layers and texture to spaces that feel unfinished or cold. If your home isn’t too bold in colour or texture, you can experiment with a bold knit or pattern. Slowdown Studio’s cotton throws can be mood-boosters for the sofa, but they also look great hung on the walls or stretched on a frame and used to create art. Kentaro Okawara’s recycled cotton throw is?245. The Ellsworth throw with a chequerboard design is made from a cashmere-lambswool blend. It is available at AWL Studio in Glassette for?280. A Norhla felted yak wool blanket costs?645 at Mr Porter
/ NorhlaNorlha’s felted Wool Blankets are treasured pieces. They are handcrafted by Tibetan Plateau artisans using soft yak wool. The ombr? The ombr? The striped fringed mohair blanket and wool blanket are available at Tekla at Matches for?340.
Basshu at Couverture & The Garbstore BasShu’s ecru and geometric red quilts are?246 at Couverture & The Garbstore.