Do Blackout Blinds Help a Baby Sleep Longer?

Do Blackout Blinds Help a Baby Sleep Longer?

Sleep is of high importance to the health and growth of a baby. Every parent understands the challenges of creating a sleeping routine for their baby, particularly with the increased light and temperature levels in the summer. Previously, people used net curtains to keep their child’s rooms cool, but blackout blinds are gradually replacing them.

What do blackout blinds do? They do exactly what their name says – block out light. But are you aware that blinds provide plenty of other benefits as well? Get blinds online supply a wide range of blackout blinds in a variety of different colours and patterns to choose from. In this article, you will find out how blackout blinds help babies to sleep longer.

Benefits of Blackout Blinds to Your Baby

blackout blindsHelp Your Baby to Sleep Longer

The body and mind of your baby are still developing and growing, and blackout blinds can assist your baby get the sleep that they so much need. These blinds become the sleeping aid for your baby and help them to remain asleep for a longer duration and prevent them from waking up in the early morning hours.

Several studies indicate that a baby sleeps better in a dark room. This is likely due to the minimal disruptions to the body’s internal clock. Therefore, using blackout blinds in your baby’s room will help to keep them asleep for longer.

Control of Temperature

The backing of blackout blinds helps to regulate the temperature of your baby’s room. You can block off the heat and sun during the summer and stop the drafts during the winter. Keep in mind that kids lose body heat faster as compared to adults and therefore, it is unsafe for them to sleep under heavy blankets.

Excess heat also disrupts a baby’s sleep. The suitable room temperature of the room of an infant is about 16 to 20 degrees Celsius which is a challenge to maintain in the hot summer times when sunshine streams through the windows for long periods. Additionally, the material that your kid’s clothes are made of has a significant impact on the comfort and stability of their body temperature.

Keep Room Dark

There is a common sleep myth that babies should sleep in a light room in the day to differentiate daytime from the night time. However, the truth is that whether it is day time or night time has no significance to your baby. Actually, babies tend to be more comfortable in a dark room because they’ll be settled and will sleep for longer.

Once they’re two months or older, darkness encourages their body to release melatonin – a hormone that is crucial for the regulation of sleep-wake cycles. You can separate their day and night time sleep by controlling their circadian system – waking them up every morning and creating a consistent bedtime. In turn, this will largely decrease the number of times that you wake up at night to feed your kid.

After about 6 weeks from birth, when babies begin smiling and becoming more social, they tend to find it hard to sleep in a light room. This is because there will be several interesting things to look at, especially if you have decorated your baby’s room to make their nursery comfortable and inviting. That is why blinds are advantageous during day nap times.


When looking for blackout blinds for your baby’s room, the most essential factors to consider are ease of installation and the material from which the blinds are made. You must ensure that the blinds are made of a material that offers total blackout protection. Some models in the market come with all you need to install the blinds. 

There are good blinds that are customisable and can be cut according to the size that you prefer. Furthermore, some options are good for travelling. Such blinds are made from a light material that can be hung through suction cups to create a cosy sleep environment for your baby.