Benefits of Modular Buildings

Benefits of Modular Buildings

Modular building technology is gaining popularity in the United Kingdom, thanks to its efficiency and high-quality construction. The construction method gives you aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting buildings. 

Many residential homebuilders and commercial contractors are embracing modular construction as it gives them value for money and saves them time.

What is a Modular Building?

It is the process where the structures for a building, whether a home, commercial building, or apartment, are made off-site and then transported to the site where they are assembled.

Insite Portable Accommodation supply portable modular buildings for sale and hire across the UK. Their buildings are in modules and use the same materials, design, and standards as the site construction. They also have the exact specifications and deliver the site-build facility without any compromise.

Contractors can use this construction method to build schools, offices, healthcare buildings, catering buildings, manufacturing facilities, showrooms, and equipment housing.

Benefits of Modular Buildings

Modular buildingThe following are some of the key benefits of prefabricated construction:

Construction Speed

Compare prefab vs traditional construction in terms of speed is not tenable. Modular construction is 40% to 50% faster than conventional construction, meaning building projects are completed within a short period. Building work goes on simultaneously, on the site and off-site (in the factory where the modules are being constructed), speeding up the construction time. In addition, the installation process is easy. Small projects take few hours, while large projects may take several days, but less than conventional construction.


It is a significant benefit of modular buildings as it reduces labour costs due to reduced person-hours. Saving labour costs help cut down up to 25% of the total construction costs.

Besides, the building process is more economical because it uses detailed designs and precision construction equipment. Every module uses equal amounts of materials and lumber.

Environmental Benefits

The modular building uses eco-friendly building materials. Also, unlike onsite construction, modular construction re-uses waste materials instead of discarding them. As a result, millions of tons of construction waste materials that could have ended up in landfills are recycled or used in other construction projects.

Recycling keeps the environment clean and healthy, as it is a significant concern in the building industry. A recent study in the UK building sector showed that modular building could help to reduce up to 90% of waste materials.

Other than reducing waste materials, most factories want to maximise their recycling strategies by assembling the building portions.

High-Quality Construction

In every project you are undertaking, you must see the quality and value for your money. The modular building system uses high-quality materials that last longer than conventional construction.

There is improved quality control attained through inspection and repetition in a controlled factory setting. The internal walls’ materials help to boost sound insulation as well as fire-proofing.

Building materials are well protected from all weather conditions since the construction takes place indoors. It means that your project will go on as planned irrespective of the weather conditions.

Since building materials are in a controlled environment, it reduces imperfections such as lumber warp. Besides, the contractor works optimally in a controlled environment with all necessary equipment and tools readily available. Productivity increases significantly, producing high-quality, sturdy, and superior structures.

Other than enhanced productivity, the safety of workers is is number one priority. They have safety gear such as helmets, jacket reflectors, goggles, and harnesses. In a controlled environment, there are fewer risks, such as falling or slipping on the job.

Attractive Designs

Modular constructions give you beautiful designs, thanks to their practicality and innovativeness. Whether building a residential house, business property, or school, you can get different designs to suit your taste.

The building method is also flexible, which allows customisation. If you want to create more space for an office, studio, or classroom, the contractor can adjust the design to meet your building requirements.

Besides, a modular building has less impact on an already functional building. For instance, if you are expanding your business, residential house or school, the everyday activities will run smoothly without disruption until the building structures are brought on the site.


To get better results, consider modular construction since it solves all construction needs, both private and commercial. It is an efficient, cost-effective and fast building process. Furthermore, it’s environmentally friendly, safe for your workers, and offers a wide variety of elegant designs to choose from.

The building structures are long-lasting since they are sturdy and have less material wastage than traditional construction methods.