Comment: ‘I mourned the Astoria a decade ago but maybe Crossrail’s worth it’

Crossrail was the first thing that ever crossed my mind. It was 2006 when I signed a petition to save London Astoria. This landmark venue has been a fixture of London’s music scene since my parents were frequent gig-goers. Their misty-eyed memories would bring back images of David Bowie and others. I was horrified at the idea of losing this historic venue for shops, offices, or worse, a new station. Although I don’t believe any 21-year old should be more excited about a transport upgrade that a nightclub, I will admit that it is an exciting event after more than a decade of navigating the many building sites that pepper central London’s Elizabeth Line stations. Some people were faster than others, but we are all catching up. READ MOREThe Astoria demolition was one of many breaks from the past that were necessary to make way for a new London. READ MORECrossrail property hotspots – Elizabeth line stops that have seen the greatest house price rise. Crossrail rental and buying options: Crossrail stations with the highest house price growth. Crossrail guide to Stratford – Crossrail guide to Stratford – new homes, house prices, and the latest journey times to central London. Time and space will change for large swathes in the capital, transforming housing and high street. Welcome to the Age of Crossrail.