Y2k aesthetic: A guide to the turn-of-the millenium interiors look — and how to recreate it

Perhaps it’s the revival of Sex and the City or the recoupling ‘Bennifer ‘or UGG boots trending agin. The early noughties are back! The #tiktok hashtag has more than 4.3 billion views on TikTok. As we all know, interior trends are always in fashion. #y2kaesthetic has racked up almost 494 million views on TikTok alone. The bright colours, wavy edges, and smiley faces are a way to inject some joy into everyday life – dopamine decoration, if you will. ). In fact, “y2k” refers to a computer virus which caused panic in the late 1990s. People were afraid of everything, from crashing planes to nuclear war. Twenty years later, the remixed version is tinged by romantic nostalgia. Most TikTok-ers are too young to have lived through this century. The modern version? The modern take? If we’re being honest, it still is. It is still. It is still in use. This modern copper-plated case can be powered by a candle. Just pop in a tealight and enjoy the soothing lava flow. Ahhh. Flower power and stackable ceramics. Y2K is accessorizing the 2022 way. Landlines? They are a novelty now. TikTokkers use them as ornaments. The family computer room. Do you remember those? It’s time for transparent, vibrant technology to make a comeback.