Why I live in Brockley: Supper club host Rahel Stephanie on why she swapped Hackney for south London

Born in Jakarta, I grew up in Singapore. I have lived in London (mostly Hackney) for nine years. This is my first trip to south London. I have never lived in a residential area like this. After lockdown, we were looking for somewhere with more space and a garden. Unfortunately, there was nothing in Hackney. We were very fortunate to find Brockley that met our needs. We are very fortunate to have a lot greenery in Brockley. It’s quieter and more peaceful. Everest Curry King is a Sri Lankan canteen-style restaurant on Loampit Hill. They also have a shop on Coulgate Street called Salthouse Bottles. Fishy Business on Harefield Road is my favorite chippy because they use fresh ingredients. Nu Spice on Coulgate Street, however, is a great Caribbean spot. My favourite Brockley Market stall is Chubby Dumpling, run by a father and daughter duo. I usually work out in my backyard. Hilly Fields is right next to my house and it’s a beautiful park. Although I have never taken up running, it is something that I really enjoy. The Rivoli Ballroom hosts dances, film screenings, and other events. It still has its original decor and fittings from Fifties. It’s beautiful. There’s a cute cafe called Pistachio, and you can enjoy the views while sipping coffee. This is something I have never seen in London. Deptford Market is a short 10-minute ride away. It’s great for fruit and vegetables and the boot sales are great. Brockley is very accessible, even though it seems far away to many people. I am blessed with the Overground because it allows me to visit my friends in Hackney and Shoreditch in just 20 minutes. There are trains from Lewisham and St Johns to central London. My partner introduced me to cycling to Lewisham station, and then taking the train to Charing Cross. This takes me to Chinatown in less than an hour. It’s a beautiful, long street that is very green. It is a beautiful, residential street. I have never seen it before. It is not a daily commute to the station or shop that I am used to, but I enjoy the quiet streets and have taken up cycling. It’s safe, but also hilly. Prendergast Secondary School also receives an outstanding rating from Ofsted.