Twixmas: How to tidy up your home between Christmas and New Year and when to take down decorations

Beth Kempton’s book Calm Christmas offers some tips on how to make Twixmas a success. Twixmas is the period between Christmas and New Year. Kempton suggests a day in nature and a digital detox, as well as a day of dreaming, creativity, and sort-out my-life days. She also recommends a sort-out–my-house’ day. This secret place is quieter, more peaceful, and less rushed than the rest.
When to take down Christmas tree: This is the best time to put away your decorations
Twixmas: Things to Do in London Between Christmas and New Year
As we see a slower pace and get away from the to-do lists and deadlines, calm descends. This is what I call “The Hush” and I encourage you enjoy it. There are no more Christmas cards to make or presents to wrap. There are no more Christmas cards to write or presents to wrap. Here are some ideas: Take down all decorations and pack them carefully. Wrap fairy lights around cardboard to prevent them from getting tangled. Beth Kempton’s Calm Christmas
Holly Bobbins Photography Clear out your living space. Arrange shelves. Arrange some house plants. Frame some photos. Flip your mattresses. Check your smoke alarms. Clean your fridge. Do small maintenance jobs around your home. Take care of the garden. Do other small maintenance jobs around the house. Give the garden a good clean. If you have to travel, make sure you bring headphones and a book.