The Inside Man: wooden floors are finished, let’s bring back the drama of carpet

As a teenager, I can remember sitting under the ironing board at my mum’s party and watching her and her friends dance around the kitchen. Because Mum didn’t want them marking the newly sanded wooden floors, they were all barefoot. They were barefoot because Mum didn’t want them to mark the newly sanded wooden floors with their shoes. We’ve been ripping up carpets for the past 30 years in favor of wooden floorboards. You can see a corner of splintered grubby under the rotting lino from a fixer-upper. You’ll pay an additional GBP20,000 for the carpet. Invest in a rug designed by Tom Atton Moore of Lewisham / Handout. Inspired by Ikea’s 1996 exhortations not to throw out our chintz and followed closely by Handy Andy with his way with a sander. Plain wood floorboards were a refreshing alternative to floral soft furnishings and tatty brown shag piles. But carpets aren’t dead. I’m ready to see carpets return. A two-tone purple stepped wonder was my latest design for a client. It got me thinking about how carpets could be used to transform even the most traditional rooms. Axminster carpets are as powerful as our walls. A bold colour underfoot can ground and add drama to any room. Even though the Queen uses them, the prices start at GBP39 per sq m. This means she won’t need to sell her Crown Jewels to install Windsor Castle. A hall runner is a great option for those with limited budgets. It’s a great way to bring joy and have fun. Christine Van Der Hurd is the master of pattern. Her hand-knotted Ponti design is my favorite, with its colorful geometric edging. I also love The Waver, which is a collaboration between interior designer Adam Bray. It can be moved from one room to another, and can be rented or moved by serial movers. In his studio in Lewisham, Tom Atton Moore hand-tufts all of his designs. The bold, abstract and high-contrast designs will make a statement in any room. Sussy Cazalet and Pinch collaborate to create something more subtle. You don’t need to spend a lot to make a statement. Ikea’s Stockholm check striped rug is a simple but effective design that is very affordable at just GBP189. What’s not love?