The Inside Man: Jermaine Gallacher wonders when home made ceramics turned into the ultimate side hustle

New year brings with it a wave self-improvement that includes everything from bizarre diets to new hobbies. If the past five years are any indication, I’m willing to bet my Michele de Lucchi vase pottery will be the hobby of the year 2022. You can make five scalloped bowls at an evening class for hipsters and you’ll be a ceramicist in no time. I am curious when did we stop enjoying doing certain things? My question is, when did we stop doing things because we enjoyed them?
Boz Gagovski My personal opinion is that ceramics and pottery are the most difficult design objects to master and I have found them to be the most difficult to sell. Many of these pots have become dust magnets. Recently, the problem has escalated. I am part of London’s design scene and am confronted with a tsunami of crackle-glaze pots and wiggly faces plates that threaten to overwhelm the Thames barrier and subsume a market already saturated.
Jude JelfsThis isn’t a statement against ceramics. Jude JelfsThis is not a manifesto against ceramics — God forbid!
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Let’s not sell and instead master slip casting and coiling. Your mum will no doubt find a place for you to show your work.