The Inside Man: how to be bold with colour in any sized home — even if you rent

When I moved into my office, the first thing I did was to paint it pink. It was impossible for me to work in a room with white walls. The architect who owns the downstairs office was shocked when I mentioned it to him. He said that he couldn’t work in a pink room. So I discovered that not everyone wants their office to be the colour of fondant fancy, complete with matching desk chair and rotary phone. It’s no surprise that people feel strongly about colour. It can transform any space from plain Jane to Sensational Susan in a matter of seconds. Pink can make you look amazing at any hour of the day or night. Even though dark green can look dull in a city, it looks amazing after dark. For proof, check out my private dining room at Soho’s Bar Crispin. This bottle-green snug, hidden downstairs, is the perfect backdrop to basement debauchery. It is a common misconception that small rooms need to be painted in light colours to make them appear larger. I’m sorry, but you can’t trompe-l’oeil to get out of that one unless you are an old master. Wimborne white will not fool anyone into thinking your box room is a ballroom. A darker or more intense color can make a small bedroom or sitting room seem larger. It will make the room seem intimate, dramatic, and seductive. This is not an easy task. A dark wall with miles upon miles of brilliantly white skirting board is a no-no. For a sophisticated look, paint all woodwork a shade darker than the walls. If you aren’t feeling the need to do a full Joseph on your home (or are too in love with plain white walls), a pop of colour can be a nice touch. You can paint a few doors in contrasting colors. Renters don’t need to live in Bland Land because they don’t want to end up with the landlord. You can paint large sheets of fabric on the walls to add temporary colour. This is what I did around my bed. It really enhances the atmosphere. READ MOREThe Intl Man: No more trendy landfill — visit the best London interiors and car boots dealers insteadThe Intl Man: Jermaine Galacher wonders how home-made ceramics became the ultimate side hustle. Inside Man: Jermaine gallacher explains why it’s time for a new era of Changing Rooms. Do not just go to the nearest DIY store to get the cheapest (toxic and garish) emulsion. Francesca Wezal, the queen of colour at Francesca Paints, is my only choice for paint. Since 1996, she has been hand-mixing her eco-friendly paints. Mylands is a family-owned business that is highly skilled and of high quality. Leylands is a great place to shop if you’re looking for high-end products. Their own brand paints are also a good buy. Have fun, be creative and remember to wash your paint brushes.