The best winter plants in London: enjoy January blooms sweet box, mimosa, winter cherry blossom and witchazel

An unexpected sweet floral scent might make a January walk through London more pleasant. This sweet floral scent is likely to be from a small evergreen plant called sweetbox, or Sarcococca. It is native to India and China and can travel up to several metres. Sarcococca is a great choice for winter interest that requires little maintenance in your garden or balcony. It’s another evergreen, and this week it will be in full bloom with masses fern-like leaves and lemon yellow pom-poms.
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The foundation released A Quiet Revolution to celebrate Seed Week. It features members of the London Freedom Seed Bank who volunteer to save and distribute seeds of edible plants that have been adapted for urban environments. To view and learn more visit gaiafoundation.orgAnd don’t miss Sir David Attenborough’s The Green Planet, airing Sundays at 7pm on BBC One and streaming on iPlayer, which documents the incredible adaptations of plants around the world. You might be wrong if you think you know your monstera.