Syon House: allotment holders offer to buy land from the Duke of Northumberland in ‘peasants’ revolt’ row

The “peasants’ rebellion” is a group of allotment owners who are fighting to stop plans to build homes on land they own near Syon House. They have written to the Duke of Northumberland to offer to buy the land. According to the plans, the 37 plots would be converted into 38 smaller ones. The plans would see the 37 plots being converted into 38 smaller ones. Read moreThe largest and most expensive home in Barbican Estate is the former management office. It is up for sale for GBP4.5million. Ivor Braka, a London art dealer, will sell his gallery home to make way for the Knightsbridge mansion project. Proceeds from the development would go to repair the Grade I-listed London home of the Percy family, which has been used in many TV dramas, including Bridgerton and Downton Abbey. Hounslow council rejected the proposal in February, but the Duke appealed against the decision. The letter from Buckles, representing “local interested parties”, said that a sale would generate a cash-lump sum that could benefit the Syon Estate and eliminate ongoing costs incurred by Northumberland Estates in maintaining the land. It would also fund repairs to the Grade I-listed London home of the Percy family. The site has never been used and only a third of allotments have been in use in recent years. We have offered new allotments for previous license holders because we believe they can satisfy their needs in terms of plot sizes and sheds, as well as water supply. If not taken up, these could be provided to others who don’t have access to a garden.