RHS Chelsea Flower Show: top prize won by creators of ‘rewilding’ garden gnawed by beavers

Today’s top prize at the Chelsea Flower Show went to “rewilding” garden creators Lulu Urquhart and Adam Hunt. They urged Londoners not to use their tools and instead let nature take its course. Adam Hunt and Lulu Urquhart, debut Chelsea designers, were crowned best of show for their naturalistic “A Rewilding England Landscape” — which was described as “exquisite by judges” — which pictured a beaver dam on a brook in west London. British gardeners are too busy. They should be able to just sit in the garden and listen to the birds. It shouldn’t be about a job list, but more about enjoying it. “No mow May” is a good example. But why not mow all the way until the autumn? “Ms Urquhart stated that a garden needs a little bit of decay. Decay is a cleansing and health system that creates healthy soils. You need the entire cycle for a garden. Nature works in proportions. It is a mosaic of three. There are shrubs, the lower level of plants, and the tree canopy. Animals can safely move through this area to find shelter and food. Even a small garden can follow this rule, regardless of its size. “READ MORERHS Chelsea Flower Show 2020: full list of medal-winning garden lists. The best London gardeners, activists, and creators to follow on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. James Alexander-Sinclair is the chairman of the RHS judges. He said that it was difficult for the judging panel decide which garden should be awarded the best in show. All the judges were impressed by A Rewilding England Landscape’s skill, effort and charm. “Dannahue CKle and Tayshan Hayden Smith won the silver gilt for Grow2Know’s Hands Off Mangrove garden/ Lucy YoungTayshan HAYDEN-Smith, a 25-year-old guerrilla gardeninger from North Kensington, was inspired by the 1971 trial of the Mangrove Nine group, black activists. She won the silver gilt.