RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022: the gardens, themes and designers to look out for this year

Teams of landscapers, joiners, plumbers and designers have been working around the clock for the past few weeks to create some of the most innovative, forward-thinking, and expensive examples of gardening and planting design. It’s all for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. This five-day horticultural event sets the national gardening trends for next year. Next week’s show will be held from May 24 through 28. Here are the themes and garden designs you shouldn’t miss. The large curved walls are set against open woodlands of hazel, birch and hawthorn, creating alcoves for conversation. Mind sponsored it and, after the show, it will be moved to a Mind location that offers eco-therapy. The Mind Garden (Show Garden). A CGI of Andy Sturgeon’s design for The Mind Garden at Chelsea Flower Show / Handout. Jamie Butterworth designed a school garden that children and adults can enjoy. The plants are the main focus, with minimal landscaping. After the show, it will be moved to a primary school. The Place2Be Securing Tomorrow Garden (Sanctuary Garden).Jamie Butterworth designed a school garden. PAEmotion laid bare. Pollyanna Wilkinson reflects on the challenges of raising young children. Her garden travels through the emotions of motherhood. The striking bronze walls are a symbol of the prison or sanctuary that caring for a baby can feel. Planting begins in restraint, before eventually flourishing. The Mothers for Mothers Garden — “This Too Shall Pass” (All About Plants Garden). Handout: Reconnecting with Nature – Many of this year’s gardens are focused on the role that gardeners play in protecting and improving our environment for future generations. Juliet Sargeant designed a Blue Peter Garden of the Future to celebrate 100 years of the BBC. It focuses on the importance of healthy soil, and how to care for it. The garden features an inside-out compost heap and a soil sound installation. It also has a water feature that highlights soil erosion. The garden includes an inside-out compost heap, a soil sound installation, and a water feature that highlights soil erosion. As a reminder of the thawing of permafrost, and its embodied carbon as well as the hope that may lie in lost species, a giant ice-cube takes center stage. Adam Hunt and Lulu Urqhart are pushing the boundaries of a Chelsea Garden to capture a snapshot in a natural environment that has been rewilded through the reintroduction beaver. The garden is made up of native plants in their natural state and progresses from a wetland past the beaver dam to a drier upland habitat.