Move to Sicily for free: restored 1Euro house in Sambuca looking for live-in Airbnb host for a year

Are you feeling down about the British weather? You are tired of the same old routine, and you are ready for a challenge. Airbnb is seeking a self-proclaimed adventurer who will live rent-free in Sicily for one year. In return, you will be the Host of their newly renovated house, Sambuca di Sicilia. You will host guests from all over the world, learn Italian, and play a key role in the revitalization of the hilltop town in southwest Sicily. Studio Didea restored the entrance hall of The 1 Euro House.
Claudia Zalla / Sambuca began offering derelict properties starting at EUR1. The response was immediate. The response was immediate.
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You can try your hand at home ownership. Sambuca, a Sicilian town, is selling homes starting at EUR1 — but there’s one catch
How to buy a house in Locana or Sambuca? Italian mortgages, taxes and agents for foreigners:
If you travel to Sicily in the autumn, half of your flights will be covered by Sicily
One of the two bedrooms is available.
Claudia ZallaItaly does not have any specific provisions for remote workers, the digital nomads of today. Current rules allow EU passport holders to live and work in Italy. British passport holders cannot stay in Italy for more than 90 days per 180 days, unless they have a valid visa. All non-EU passport holders who wish to stay longer must apply for a temporary residency permit. This permits them to stay for five years. After five years, they may apply for a permanent residence permit. The UK has a double-taxation agreement with Italy that means taxpayers are not subject to tax on the same income in each country. More information