London’s top boroughs for homes with gardens — Croydon, Barnet and Bromley are the capital’s garden property hotspots

According to new research, Londoners are most likely find a Croydon house or flat with a private garden. The area is home to 132.836 garden properties. The new ranking by seed company The Grass People reveals that Londoners have some of the most expensive gardens in the UK. The average cost of outdoor space in London is GBP2,348 per square meter. Londoners also pay more for their gardens than those who have them. Enfield and Wandsworth are also full of green space. The results vary for different types. People looking for a property with a garden will be more successful in central London. Westminster has the highest number of garden flats in London, at 77,354. Southwark, Wandsworth, and Lambeth are all popular areas for garden flats. Bromley is the most popular place to find a larger space. It has 93,453 houses with private gardens, followed by Croydon (92.144) and Havering (78,456). READ MORELondon’s hidden parks: green spaces across the city you might not have heard of. The City of London has 554 properties and is the London borough with the least number of garden properties. READ MORELondon’s hidden parks – green spaces you might not know about.London asking for house prices to rise across all boroughs.Syon House: Allotment holders offer land to the Duke of Northumberland in a row of ‘peasants’ revolt. While London is the most expensive place in the UK to have a garden. Telford is the least expensive. The average cost per square metre (m2) is just GBP376, and the average garden size is 495 meters. The next two are Hull, which has a cost per m2 of GBP379, and Sheffield, which is at GBP393. The most affordable London gardens are located in Barking and Dagenham where the average cost per square meter is GBP1,826, while Croydon costs GBP2,182. Hackney is the most expensive London borough to have a garden. It costs GBP3,802 per m2. Access to an outdoor space is essential for your mental and physical health. We believe that it should be easy and affordable to maintain. “Top ten garden hotspots in LondonBoroughProperties with private gardensCroydon132,836Barnet122,373Bromley120,799Ealing114,620Lewisham112,463Wandsworth109,681Lambeth108,524Enfield107,377Brent101,788Hillingdon100,099