Londoners are obsessed with property’s value. Now’s the time to remind ourselves of a home’s true worth

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot more about home. This is not something I am alone in. It’s been incredibly sad for those of us who have not been able to witness this war from the sidelines. There are photos of beleaguered Ukrainians fleeing to their homes, footage from those who have stayed to defend them, and tears-filled accounts from those who are forced to watch. It’s also a stark reminder of how little we pay attention to the things that really matter. Brits and Londoners are obsessed with the “worth” of their homes in a monetary sense. This is understandable as bricks-and mortar has been the best way to accumulate wealth in this country for a long time. But property is the suffix to the section’s title, and not the main event. This is something I have always believed. Although our financial ties may be tied to property, our emotional ties are bonded to home. This can lead to our desire to “climb the ladder”, impress the Joneses and make a profit. READ MORELondon property prices rise as Russia accuses of killing hundreds of civilians in its attacks on key cities in Ukraine. The London interiors brands are donating homeware sales and auction proceeds to Ukraine. You wouldn’t believe the beauty of the extensions and renovations that are up for this year’s “Don’t Move, Improve!” contest. You won’t feel envy or a pang of guilt if you see the beautiful renovations and extensions that have been submitted for this year’s Don’t Move, Improve! awards. Those of us who have somewhere safe, warm, and secure to sleep tonight are the very fortunate ones. Let’s not forget that.