Living in Fulham: Heart DJ Pandora Christie explores the area’s best markets, shops, pubs and restaurants

I was looking all over for a flat to buy, but Fulham was the one that drew me in. It has everything you could want. I bought a one-bedroom flat in a modern development with a garden four years ago. Henry, my dog, shares it with me. He’s an 11 year-old staffie mix and I bought him from Battersea. I actually bought the flat from two people I met while walking my previous dog. They had two dogs and we started chatting. I told them that I wanted to purchase a flat. They said they were selling their flat, and invited me to look. I still have their big mirror and their coffee table. The venison scotch eggs are also a great choice. There is always a waiting list. Nam Long on Old Brompton Road, is another great place. Nam Long on Old Brompton Road is also a great place to go for an after-dinner drink.
Adrian LourieWhere I exerciseThere is a swimming pool and a sauna, steam room, and gym in my complex. I come in with the intention of going to the gym, but I often just go to the sauna. To commune with nature, there’s no doubt about Bishop’s Park. Henry loves to jump in the beautiful lake. There is also a playground and a fake beach. There’s something for everyone. Groceries shoppingPrima Deli on North End Road: Try the Polish doughnuts
Adrian LouriePrima Deli on North End Road offers everything: fruits and vegetables, spices and sourdough bread. They also sell Polish doughnuts that are three times as big as normal and have a plum filling. They are fantastic. I love North End Road market to purchase fruit and vegetables. North End Road market
/ Daniel LynchSomething you only see in FulhamFulham has got Europe’s biggest Harley Davidson showroom — it is pretty something.What’s the catch?There isn’t one really — although it is very expensive.In three wordsDiverse, vibrant, always something happening.Find Pandora Christie at @pandoratweets; pandorachristie.comREAD MORE
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