Leaving London: why one family left East Dulwich to try Jersey island life before renting in York

Charlotte Littleboy has lived a life full of extremes over the past few decades. She moved from one of the most populated capital cities in the world to a small island, before finding a middle ground. Charlotte, 45, said that she had always wanted to return to London after Jersey. “It was almost shocking when we realized that we didn’t really want to. “The family is renting in York while their four bedroom London home is up for sale / Rightmove. The couple has four children. The youngest is six years old and the oldest is at university. When Mark, 48, was offered a great job at the Jersey government, they saw it a great opportunity to get off the London treadmill. Charlotte said that while London was financially stressful for them, they felt it would be a good idea to live near the sea for a while and rented out their East Dulwich home. They also rented several homes over the next few years. There were many great lifestyle benefits to the island, including the beautiful beaches, the opportunity to live in rural areas without having to commit, the safe environment, clean air, and wonderful schools. The house prices in Jersey are also prohibitively high. Jersey’s house prices can also be prohibitively high.READ MORELeaving London, we moved to a village with a Londony feel two stops from Brighton.Leaving London: After 27 years, Brexit forced me to swap London for a French chestnut farm. Charlotte said that it meant that they didn’t get to see their family for two years and that the cost of traveling to the mainland increased when the borders were opened. It cost us nearly GBP1,000 to travel home to visit the grandparents. “However, the idea of returning to London was losing its appeal. Charlotte said that London is a city of high energy and many things we love, but she wasn’t sure she was able to keep up the energy. It was daunting to return to a city where your car could be broken into. There is almost no crime in Jersey. There were also issues like air pollution. It was difficult for me to leave, but it felt right. The couple decided that a smaller, more intimate city was the best choice after finding country living in Jersey “very hard work”. They chose York for its proximity to Mark’s family, and the easy commute to London. They moved to York in January. Roy Brooks estate agents is currently putting their Dulwich home up for sale at GBP950,000. While they wait for their home to sell, they are renting a house in York suburbs so that they can begin house hunting for a larger property suitable for them all. Charlotte said, “I love the city. The schools are amazing.” “My son has special needs, and the schools have been amazing with him. The couple is making their own efforts in their new city to make friends as the children settle into their new schools. Mark is looking to join a running group while Charlotte continues to work remotely for Jersey. They also make use of York’s theatres, museums, and music scene. Mark plans to join a running club, while Charlotte continues to work remotely for the Jersey government. Charlotte said that “the good thing is that they have more things to distract them from their screens here than in Jersey.” “We could do something different every weekend for a whole year, all within an hour’s drive.