Leaving London: ‘We swapped one and a half bedrooms in London for a house by the sea and made GBP200k’

Amanda Armstrong grew up in Westbourne, a suburb just west of Bournemouth. She and Rodger were married in 2016. They have four children now. Amanda and Rodger shared a 700 sq ft cottage in Hampstead Garden Suburb with Baxter, their Patterdale terrier. It cost GBP450,000. It cost GBP450,000. The large crowds that flocked to Bournemouth’s golden beaches in 2020 were well-known and made it difficult for Rodger and Amanda to walk with Baxter on Rodger’s stretch. Amanda stated that the pandemic has impeded her plans to be involved in the local community. She said that she was just getting to the point of meeting people and that things were opening up when the pandemic began. It felt like we were being cut off at the wrong time, and it felt very lonely at times. Amanda found it a great way of meeting locals and has taken on a part-time job in Westbourne’s fashion boutiques to counter this. She said that she has been shocked at how she put up with traffic on the few occasions she has been back to the suburb. “Here people are more considerate, they don’t seem so in a hurry, it is less stressful. Would I return to London if I could? I’m not sure. I haven’t missed London as much as I thought.