Leaving London: we swapped a poky London terrace — and Boris Johnson — for a Scottish castle

The Cornwell family lived in a “pokey Victorian Terrace” at the outbreak of the pandemic. After a life-changing life change, the Cornwell family now lives in a “pokey Victorian terrace” at the start of the pandemic. Helen, 33, said that they felt that their current location didn’t reflect their views. Paul, 40, was a TV producer and film director.
Helen Cornwell. They put their house up for sale in January 2020. After a series of failed sales in the chaotic early days during the pandemic, they sold it for?340,000 in October 2020. In June 2020, the couple and their two daughters, Bonnie (6 and Andie (4 years old), packed their bags and moved to a?850pcm rented apartment in Linlithgow. Linlithgow is a West Lothian village on a loch and 18 miles west from Edinburgh. Helen said, “It’s crazy.” “We used to live on a tiny Victorian terrace. Now we live in an incredible castle. The couple are not content to rent forever and are currently looking to buy a 3.5-acre plot of land. Planning permission is not required, but they want to build their own family home.
Helen CornwellCareer-wise Helen works as a freelance graphic designer for London clients. Paul was forced to be grounded by the lockdowns, and has used the time to write his first screenplay. Helen, who was raised in Glasgow, has family ties to Scotland. Helen said, “One thing we wanted was to avoid coming up to Scotland and just hanging around with family.” “We wanted to create our own lives and have made friends locally. We have also gotten to see some of Paul’s old school buddies. “READ MORE
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Weekends are spent learning to ski, scuba dive and kayak in the Trossachs national park. Edinburgh is also within a 20-minute train journey. Caroline said, “Moving to Scotland was a big deal. We left behind family members as well as our support network.” “But we have found it incredibly friendly here – people really talk to you – and when I do return to London, I hate the crowds and the Tube. It is not something we miss.