Leaving London: ‘We left because of air pollution and love our new home on the edge of the South Downs’

Evie Winter-Luscombe was hit hard by the tragic news about her daughter’s death in a newspaper story. Her asthma was made worse by high levels pollution. “I thought, “What are we doing living in this crowded flat with roads all around and no air? Evie, 42, said that she was tired. “I’m fed up. Evie and Andrew Luscombe (44), had been living in a two bedroom flat in Earlsfield with their two daughters Dessie and Indiana. Evie said that although the house needs some modernization, they have made great friends and are happy. She said that she is a Londoner and was born and raised in Highbury. There are also fewer people in Winchester than in Islington, which never ceases amazes me. “Everyone knows everyone in London, which is very different from London. Through the school and play groups, I made many wonderful friends. There is also a theatre in town and a new leisure center which is stunning. “Her only complaints are the lack of general shops in the centre of the city. While you can find artisanal cafes, gift shops and other shops, buying clothes for the girls or everyday household goods requires a trip to Southampton and Basingstoke. This is also due to the unpredictable and expensive bus services. Evie said that, apart from that, I don’t miss London at all. This is a friendlier, more peaceful way to live.”