Leaving London: Meet the Londoner who left Walthamstow to rent in rural Yorkshire, Oxfordshire and Glasgow

Alex Aldhous, a senior operations manager for an internationally based company, was living in Walthamstow on the eve the pandemic. Her boyfriend was in the army and she was unable to see him at weekends. It can be difficult to have a long-distance relationship. She gave her notice on her “absolutely small” one-bedroom flat in London, which was?750 per month to rent, and moved in to the Catterick three-bedroom house that he was renting. Alex, 33, said that the move was a coincidence. She handed in her notice on her “absolutely tiny” one-bedroom flat and moved in with him in the three-bedroom house he was renting in Catterick.
/ Handout They will move to Glasgow later in the year.
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Alex said that Chris’s posts have all been to rural areas and that they are an outdoor couple. “In Catterick, we took up wild swimming and went hiking every weekend. We are excited to move to Glasgow, as there are so many lochs to swim in. The couple will live in rented military accommodation for the near future. Alex enjoys the sense that they are part of a larger community and is happy to make regular moves. She said, “It’s an adventure, and it’s actually a great experience. “I miss London’s convenience and the fact that there is always an event going on. I also miss having a large network with friends whom I clearly miss. But I started my business so that I could travel wherever Chris is posting, and it is great fun.