Leaving London: ‘I was scared to leave my Mile End ‘forever home’ for Oxford but I don’t miss it at all’

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If you had told Allana that she would leave London, sell her east London home, and move to a city known for its sleepiness, she would have laughed. But the pandemic offered an opportunity to make a major life change. In 2020, Allana and Mike said goodbye to Mile End to say hello to Jericho, north Oxford, where they now reside with their sons, Sam, eight, or Charlie, ten. Allana said, “I had lived in London since I was twenty-five, and I loved it.

To be honest, I was scared to go.” Pre-Covid, Allana Clear, 42, and Mike (43), had settled down in a four-bedroom, late Georgian terraced home. Mike works for Wondr Medical, a start-up, while Alanna worked at a psychotherapy charity. Allana Clear and Mike, both healthcare professionals, moved to Mile End in 2020 with their two sons. HandoutMike was born in Oxford. His grandparents died and his parents moved into their house to rent out the home. Allana said that it was Covid who did it. “We loved our Mile End house. It was our forever home, but it suddenly became unavailable. We jumped at the chance and decided to give it a shot. We are quite impulsive people. Although having a house ready for them to purchase was a huge advantage, Allana was surprised by the high prices of homes in north Oxford.

This is the most expensive area of the city.

They sold their London house for?1.3million and put?1.1million back into the Oxford house. It is a four-bedroom townhouse. She said, “It’s been amazing.” It is so green. It feels more relaxed and less hectic than London. “Oxford is a university with a distinct vibe. It is more academic and has a greater sense of community. It suits me very well, whatever it is. READ MORECrossrail property hotspots, Elizabeth line stops with greatest house price growthCoastal commuter cities: Five hipster-friendly seaside destinations for London-based workers looking for work-life balance. London: I cried on M4, but I am glad that I traded Nunhead for a family home here in Bristol. It is an amazing place to raise young children. It has been a wonderful experience for them to live so close to their grandparents. “Allana, a former primary care expert, has found a new job as the head of marketing at AddedHealth.com. She has also made new friends. She said, “There are so many people who have moved from London, we call ourselves The Oxodus.” “Every term there is a new person arriving, which has made it easy to make friends and joyful. “I don’t miss London at all and I can’t believe that I’m saying this because I loved it so very much.

This just feels like the right place for me.”