Leaving London: I cried on the M4, but am glad I swapped fancy coffee in Nunhead for a family home in Bristol

Aletheia Conway Hughes let herself cry on the long drive from Nunhead in south east London to Brislington in south east Bristol. She and Owen, both 38, met there and had their son Caspar (now 22 months) while they lived there. It was hard to believe that this was the end of a very happy time. It was a bittersweet feeling to see the end of a happy era. Aletheia said that they realized it wasn’t financially feasible to buy the house they needed. The couple met in London but needed more space for their toddler boy Caspar. / HandoutThey chose to move to Bristol partly because of its convenience. Owen’s company, Pirate Studios has offices in Bristol, while Aletheia, who runs Founded Wellness, is a corporate wellness business that can be accessed from anywhere. She says that Bristol felt like another city that would fit our needs. It is lively, there are lots of things going on, but it’s a bit more tranquil than London. The couple put their flat up for sale at the beginning of the year and quickly accepted a GBP430,000 offer. The couple began looking at period properties and then found something quite different – a newly constructed four-bedroom semi detached house on a private development that cost GBP525,000. Aletheia runs her business remotely and Aletheia is a freelancer. Both sales were successful because their buyers were ready for the move and were looking to buy a new home. The family was on their way to their new lives by March 31st. However, they still have boxes to unpack. Caspar is now settled in a nursery and Aletheia, Owen and Owen are exploring Bristol. They’ve made a return trip to London and found it easy. They are looking forward to taking summer trips to Wales, Cornwall, and the Cotswolds. Aletheia says that although they don’t have fancy coffee at their doorstep, they do have more space. “Work-wise, it’s not so important to be far from London – Covid-19 really set this up for me.”