Interiors trends 2022: the looks heading into your home — from ‘pet architecture’ to emotional escape rooms

Pinterest is a well-known tool in the arsenal of interiors obsessives around the world. It is known for its moodboard functionality, which allows users to visualize how colours and styling ideas might look together.
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The new report shows that home-related search terms for design features such as “rage rooms” have seen huge increases in their annual searches. (Pandemic stress anyone? The report reveals that there has been a significant increase in home-related search terms for design features like “rage rooms” (pandemic stress anyone?). You’re not the only one who sees “luxury dogs rooms” as a top interiors trend.
/ Pinterest. It’s been estimated that 3.2 million households in the UK bought pets in the year to march 2021. So it’s not surprising that searches such as “catify my home”, “cathouse design”, “luxury pet room”, and “luxury dog bed” have skyrocketed. These rooms are a place to unwind, rage, or escape from the eyes of the rest. It’s a dreamy.Emotional escape room: places to rage or relax in
/ PinterestDescribed in the report as “safe spaces for feels”, where else could be better to have a retreat than a designated room within the safety of your own home?BiophiliaElsewhere on the list of top trends to look out for next year are all things “biophilic” — plant-first design that increases a person’s connection to nature and enhances well-being, says Pinterest. Think of staircase gardens, flower ceilings, living walls, and ponds. Biophilic: A plant-first design that will increase a person’s connection with nature
PinterestUpgrade your utility space. Luxury in the most unlikely places is next. Pinterest describes these nooks as “forgotten spaces which become conversation starters when guests over,” so luxury utility rooms – a mix between a bootroom and a utility room – basements or gaming rooms are the next best options. We’re sure that many pandemic movers will move to the countryside to find more space after the lockdown.
/ PinterestThe last two on the list of home trends are “curve appeal” – think curved home bars, pool decking and rounded sofas – and “Hellenistic revival”, taking inspiration from Ancient Greece with everything from Corinthian columns to Aphrodite-inspired, floral wallpapers.Predictions made in previous years include eye-catching dinnerware, from coloured glassware to handmade plates, alongside Japandi and neon.