Inside Man: Jermaine Gallacher on why it’s time to channel ’90s Changing Rooms and dare to be different

What is good taste? Who has it? Who decides who gets it? “Who cares?” I say. It’s all just a little too “lovely” to browse through the style sections or design blogs. It’s time to show some taste and celebrate individual style. They didn’t last very long. But, I believe in the same principles for decorating a room or designing candlesticks as when I go out for the evening: Go hard or go home. You can always get over the hangover the next morning and you can always paint over any disasters.
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Despite that, I don’t consider myself a maximalist. Laurence Llewelyn Bowen painted an old toilet seat to look like a scarab, and hung it above a sarcophagus. It’s just not right, I guess. It’s still one of the most original things I’ve ever seen done with a toilet seat. It’s possible. Viola Lanari’s Othello lamp, plaster white resin, POA
Handout HandoutI rate anyone who follows their own path with conviction. Viola Lanari is a master at sculpting lampshades and can be found painting abstract lampshades.
Handout There will always be a side table or toilet seat that is drab and needs to be updated. Get your paint brushes out and get creative. It might seem a little eccentric to your friends, but it is something I believe we all must do.