How to get rid of pests in your garden: encourage wildlife and make a pond

Although it may seem counterintuitive, increasing the number of insects in your garden is the best way to reduce the damage they do to your garden. You can garden with nature, not against it. If you eliminate pests completely, there will no predators to take them care of for you so any pests that do manage to get in to your crop will be able munch on it unimpeded. You will have to accept some losses from the hungry caterpillars, but your garden will thrive if you make it a place where nature flourishes. A bug hotel is a great place for you to start. These are great for encouraging pollinating bugs and can be purchased online. These need to be placed in a sunny spot. They should also be made from untreated wood. To prevent disease spread, clean once a year. READ MOREGardening guide for February: What to buy this month to have a beautiful garden come spring and summer. READ MOREGardening Guide for February: What to Buy This Month for a Gorgeous Garden Come Spring and Summer. Winter Plants to Plant: The best low-maintenance winter plants to keep your garden looking great all year. January’s best winter plants: Enjoy the sweet box, mimosa and winter cherry blossom. You can make a pond from a balcony. There are three basic rules that you should follow to make a pond out of any water-holding container. It should have a ramp that allows wildlife to access it. You can also add native oxygenating plants online. Don’t place your pond in direct sunlight. The cherry blossom season in London has begun. The city’s most beautiful displays can be found in Holland Park, Greenwich Park, and Regent’s Park. You can buy spring bulbs in pots from most florists and garden centres. They are inexpensive, will soon flower, and can be filled in any holes the squirrels may have left. According to the blurb for the ongoing Chelsea Physic Garden’s LGBTQ+ History Month program, A Dash of Lavender, “The natural world is rife in queerness.”